The Beginning

The Yamashita family began their agricultural career by farming vegetables in Kawagoe city, Saitama in 1689.  After many years of working and saving, the Yamashita family expanded into bedding plants in the early 80’s.  Tokuya Yamashita(11th generation of Yamashita family) and his parents started with chrysanthemums production as an bedding plants. It was from the family’s humble beginnings that the basic philosophies and values of the company were born.  A strong sense of family values, loyalty, customer service, and high quality products are our shared vision.



Our products are division of Yamashita Flowers which is owned and operated by the current generation of family members and its 35+ employees.  We continue to believe and practice the shared values established by past generations.

With over 17 archers of greenhouses, we grow and provide interior and exterior plants to our local and regional retailers.

We offer the best selection of annuals, container gardens, hanging baskets, perennials, ground cover, ornamental grasses, premium blooming plants and organically grown culinary herbs and vegetable plants.

Our products are known as high quality and proven performers for the Japanese market.  We offer the broadest assortment of healthy, disease resistant and easy to grow plants from our local greenhouses.  Our plants are grown in climate controlled, eco-friendly greenhouses providing both new and experienced gardeners with successful garden solutions.